Saturday, January 26, 2013

Introducing Monty Taylor          Kenya Leopard Masai Mara Safari 2011

 Monty Taylor, Loveland, CO,  1/26/2013
I retired from aviation after 40 years and resumed my lifelong passion of the arts, primarily sculpting animals.  My work took me to the remote Alaska bush where I stayed in camps and villages and lived closely with the indigenous peoples and wildlife.  I studied and carved with the Inuit carvers of the western coastal islands and rivers.  My works, particularly in wood and stone, capture their styles and simplicity of form.   Recent trips to Africa continue to inspire My desire to speak for animals at-risk. My work merges my passion for art and the concerns for the plight of animals of the world. 

Blogging is new for me, I am from an era of paper and pen so please bear with me as I attempt to tell my story and introduce you to my art, my friends and my adventures in life.

To be continued



  1. As of August 12th, 2013 Monty has gone wild at the Loveland Sculpture Show. Congratulations Monty and Melissa on great sales.

  2. Imagine who I stumbled onto today while surfing the world wide web! Hahaha, how are you Monty? It's been a long time! Seems you're still busy sculpting away...keep at it!